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Akasha Centrum

The Akashic Centre ; a magical place dedicated to your natural state of embodying His. A place where you feel what it’s like to step outside the ‘matrix’ of daily life and experience yourself in your pure form or formlessness .

What can be seen and especially felt:
✨A physical womb that you can lie in under Orion starry skies
✨An ‘egg’ in the womb where you can drop yourself into ‘nothingness’, back to the Source
✨The zero point of the Akashic field, under the fireplace
✨A pyramid robbery
✨The teleporter, which clears up a lot of collective shit
✨A cosmic egg where you can be transported to other dimensions and worlds
✨Sand… lots and lots of sand
✨Kilos of crystals and Orgonites, visible and invisible processed in floors, walls and ceilings
✨An Egyptian-looking wall with signs

✨Many nooks and crannies where you can lie

Come and bathe LIVE in these high energies . That is possible during this open day. You can stay in silence for 1.5 hours in the center. Places are changed a number of times, so that everyone can experience different healing energies and frequencies . You can also take objects such as stones, power object and or water with you so that they can be charged by the energies of the center.

After the magic center is over, it is recommended to take it easy for the rest of the day and to drink extra water . A beach walk or a forest walk after this would be ideal. This so that the high powerful energies can slowly descend and their healing effect can be optimally integrated.

Participation is on a donation basis of at least 34 euros. You reserve your spot (max 9) by purchasing a ticket here . Your donation helps further develop the center for personal and collective healing, transformation and consciousness expansion.

You will receive the address and further instructions in your email.

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Event FAQs

Wat moet ik meenemen tijdens de open dag?

- Blanket can be comfortable - possibly. Power Object - Water Bottle

Hoe kan ik me voorbereiden op het Akasha Centrum?

Bereid jezelf goed voor door minimaal 3 dagen van te voren geen alcohol, suikers of andere verslavende middelen te gebruiken. Eet gezond en drink veel water of kruidenthee. Ook kan je dagelijks mediteren om je mind tot rust te brengen en alvast af te stemmen op de energie van het Akasha centrum.

Maak ik ook contact met de Akasha kronieken?

Het is mogelijk dat je spontaan gaat 'herinneren' of andere dingen door krijgt vanuit jouw hogere Zelf of de Akasha Kronieken. Hier gaan wij echter niet specifiek mee aan het werk. 

Ontvang ik tijdens de Open Dag een behandeling?

Nee je ontvangt geen behandeling. Het Akasha centrum heeft helende en transformerende energieën die het werk doen. Dit komt door alle krachtobjecten, orgonitess, heilige geometrie en andere materialen en iintenties die gebruikt zijn in de creatie ervan.

Wat kan ik doen na afloop om de energieën goed te integreren?

After the meditative journey, it is recommended to take a  walk in nature  , the beach or forest is ideal. This is to allow the energies gained in the center to  integrate well . It is also nice to walk along the mud flats at 100m from the center. Drink extra  water  during the day and possibly the days after.

Aantal plekken 9 (8 plekken beschikbaar)
  • Akasha Centrum
  • Hippolytushoef
  • Noord-Holland
  • Nederland

Schema evenement

  • 27/12/2022 15:00   -   16:30
  • 01/01/2023 13:00   -   15:00
  • 21/02/2023 11:00   -   13:00
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